Real estate disputes over boundary lines and property ownership can quickly spiral out of control. If you are dealing with a quiet title action or a partition action in commercial or residential real estate, experienced legal counsel is paramount. An experienced lawyer can step in to negotiate an effective resolution without putting you more at risk financially.

Experienced in Handling Multimillion-Dollar Disputes

Attorney Leo T. White is a seasoned litigator with more than 20 years of real estate experience. He not only is a real estate lawyer but also owns a title company in Pennsylvania. Attorney Leo White has an intricate understanding of the law and understands everything you have at risk. He has experience handling multimillion-dollar disputes and will do everything possible to protect your financial interests.

When dealing with a real estate dispute, you need a lawyer who can give you real solutions. Attorney Leo White has decades of experience and can anticipate solutions that can help you move forward with your life. Contact his law firm for a complimentary consultation in New York City or one of his four office locations in Pennsylvania.

Handling Quiet Title Actions, Tangled Title Matters and Ejectment Actions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Determining who owns commercial or residential property is not always as easy as it sounds. The property owner may have passed away without a beneficiary or heir. In other cases, residential or commercial property may have changed hands so many times over the years without a proper title making it unclear who owns the land. An experienced quiet title action lawyer is needed to establish a valid chain of title.

Attorney Leo White has a strong background helping investors establish property rights through quiet title actions, Tangled Title matters, and Ejectment matters. He is highly familiar with the legal measures that must be followed in probate court before a title can be recorded. Mr. White and his legal team offer a comprehensive approach, which includes performing an heir search and locating beneficiaries.

Once we have explored every angle possible and have unsuccessfully tracked down a property owner, we can guide you through the process of establishing ownership through a quiet title action. This may also be necessary if the previous lien has lapsed in order for it to be removed and clear from the title. Attorney Leo White will guide you through this complicated process including handling the closing.

Experienced Partition Action Lawyer in Your Corner

You purchased property together with the best of intentions but situations change. Maybe you owned property with your spouse and now you are going through a divorce. Or maybe you invested in real estate with your sibling but will get married soon and have to re-think your financial investments.

Unfortunately, real estate disputes can cause large rifts that can sometimes seem irreparable. At the Law Offices of Leo T. White, LLC, we understand everything you have at risk. Attorney Leo White is highly effective at resolving contested real estate disputes. He has extensive experience representing clients caught on either side of a partition action dispute.

Based on his comprehensive experience, he can help you find a resolution that the opposing party may find reasonable. He will work relentlessly to protect your best interests through dividing the property in half, if possible, or selling the property and distributing the proceeds between the two of you. Resolving partition action disputes can be highly complicated especially when both sides have a substantial amount of money tied into the property. Attorney Leo White is committed to helping you move past any roadblocks to find a workable solution.

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The most effective real estate dispute lawyers also have substantial experience negotiating real estate contracts. Attorney Leo White has extensive experience offering comprehensive real estate services that can be applied to protect your best interests. Contact his law firm today for a complimentary consultation. He is licensed to practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.