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Law Offices Of Leo T. White, LLC: Pennsylvania, New Jersey

We follow a simple philosophy: we structure our firm around the needs of our clients. For that reason, clients across Pennsylvania and New Jersey seek the experienced legal judgment offered by us at the Law Offices of Leo T. White, LLC. We regularly help clients on a wide variety of issues related to purchase and sale transactions, For Sale by Owner, contract negotiations, residential real estate closings, commercial real estate closings, loan negotiation and documentation, Short Sales, land use, landlord-tenant matters, real estate litigation, timeshare disputes, Foreclosure Defense, and Quiet Title, land Title Insurance and Closings, Quitclaim Deeds, estate and tax planning, and Eviction Services. Our results-oriented real estate practice grows out of our 25+ years of experience.

Regional Scope Including Pennsylvania And New Jersey: Real Estate Service

We are your Pennsylvania and New Jersey real estate law firm, having over 25+ years of experience representing a variety of residential and commercial clients confronting loan modification, foreclosure, short sale, deed in lieu, and bankruptcy. We know real estate laws can be tremendously perplexing and complex-that is where a Pennsylvania and New Jersey real estate attorney can help you. We meet our client’s individual needs, providing caring and affordable representation tailed to your need which you can depend on


We help clients solve all their real estate legal matters.


Our ability to provide this level of legal guidance stems from our firm’s larger commitment to delivering legal services tailored to everyone’s unique needs. We can meet this commitment by leveraging today’s up-to-date legal and informational technology to deliver a scope of comprehensive legal services formerly associated with large law firms.

To this end, we consider our firm to be one of the new breed of law firms dedicated to client-centered and solutions-driven legal representation. This style of law emphasizes lean representation, cutting the fat normally included in the complicated law services customarily delivered to financial institutions.

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Potential clients can call 610-579-9141 to speak with Leo T. White, Esq., to discuss your real estate matter. You can also contact us online to schedule an initial consultation. All communications remain entirely confidential.