Whether you have commercial or residential real estate needs, experienced representation is paramount. Residential buyers and sellers have a lot at stake. A poorly crafted transaction could put everything you worked hard to achieve at risk. Commercial buyers, sellers, developers and investors have just as much on the line. Consult an experienced lawyer committed to maximizing the potential of your investment and minimizing your exposure to risk.

Offering Comprehensive Commercial and Residential Real Estate Services

For more than 20 years, attorney Leo T. White has been devoted to protecting clients with residential and commercial real estate concerns. He understands firsthand what his clients stand to lose from poorly defined real estate agreements. Attorney Leo White owns a title company and is a licensed Pennsylvania real estate broker who has witnessed the long-term ramifications of real estate disputes. He works relentlessly to help his clients avoid the fallout of a dispute. However, Mr. White is a seasoned litigator who never shies away from securing favorable resolutions in high-stake disputes.

Attorney Leo T. White has earned a reputation as credible real estate lawyer. Many of the real estate law cases he handles are referred to him by other attorneys and members of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. When the stakes are high, experience matters. Contact our commercial and residential real estate lawyer for a complimentary consultation.

Experienced Residential Real Estate Lawyer Working for You

You probably feel like you have a lot riding on the sale or purchase of a new home. This is not surprising. A lot of details need to be covered during negotiations, the inspection and the closing. You do not have to deal with the matrix of issues on your own. In fact, you shouldn’t. An innocent oversight could put your investment at great risk.

For the past two decades, attorney Leo T. White has handled thousands of real estate transactions throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He has an intricate understanding of the law and the measures that must be put in place to preserve your financial interests in relation to:

• For sale by owner transactions
• Title examination
• Foreclosure defense
• Alternatives to foreclosure such as short sales and deed in lieu of foreclosure
• Tax sale litigation and lien reduction
• Deed preparation
• Quiet title actions and partition actions
• Eminent domain concerns

Attorney Leo T. White will be by your side focused on making sure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. He can handle all stages of the transaction from negotiations to drafting and reviewing the purchase agreement. Mr. White will review the inspection report, evaluate the seller’s disclosures and attend the real estate closing. He will make sure all the legal details are covered so you can rest assured knowing you are in the best position possible. If you are facing a dispute, he will give you pragmatic solutions to help you move forward with minimal risk.

Veteran Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Preserving Your Best Interests

If you are a developer, investor, seller or buyer with commercial real estate needs, the stakes are high. Settle for nothing less than experienced representation. Attorney Leo T. White is highly attuned to the legal and financial complications of commercial real estate transactions and disputes. Our law firm has deep legal roots in real estate law including two decades of experience offering comprehensive commercial real estate solutions. Attorney Leo White has handled hundreds of commercial real estate transactions and multimillion-dollar disputes. He is a veteran real estate attorney with a strong reputation handling all types of commercial real estate matters such as:

• Condominium conversions
• Commercial purchase agreements
• Commercial closings
• Commercial foreclosures
• Zoning and land use issues
• Commercial eminent domain disputes
• Commercial lending

No matter what you are up against, attorney Leo White will be by your side but will make sure you remain in full control. He can help anticipate important measures that need to be implemented to mitigate your exposure to risk. If you are facing a dispute, he will provide clear solutions based on what makes sense for your specific situation. He will keep you fully informed so you can ultimately decide what path to take.

Contact Our Real Estate Firm for a Complimentary Consultation

Whether you are dealing with a commercial or residential real estate matter, the stakes are high. An experienced lawyer can make all the difference in helping to protect your financial interests. Attorney Leo White has decades of experience offering exceptional results. He takes pride in being highly accessible to his clients and addressing their concerns with pragmatic solutions.

When experience matters, contact our law firm for a complimentary consultation. He is licensed to handle cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.