Real Estate Investor Attorney

As a real estate investor, you need the expertise of a seasoned real estate closing attorney on your team.
If you are a private lender, builder, or developer; If you make your money from flipping real estate; if you rehab properties and sell them; the Law Offices of Leo T. White, LLC knows your business.
Since the mid-1990s, the Law Offices of Leo T. White, LLC have worked with countless investors and real estate businesses. From simple short sale transactions and Agreements of Sale involving single family properties to complex multi-million-dollar land acquisitions and development transactions, we have been involved in every aspect of real estate investment transactions.

Real estate investments transactions are seldom “simple” transactions. Each real estate transaction is unique, which presents many new challenges. As a real estate investor, you should hire an attorney who has the experience to solve the problems that you face. We work with you to get the transaction completed professionally and efficiently.

If you are new to real estate investing and working on your first transaction, or you are a seasoned real estate investor, we are here to represent your interests. If you want to know more, call us at 1-(610) 579-9141 and we will discuss how the Law Offices of Leo T. White, LLC can represent you.