Condominium Conversion Lawyer

Economic growth often spurs new real estate ventures. When communities invest in new jobs or expand their commercial development with new shopping districts, restaurants or other developments, this can have a ripple effect on the entire community. As an investor, you may see the long-term benefit of investing in your community that is going through a facelift. A revived neighborhood has the potential to become a sought out place to live.

If you are looking to convert an apartment building into a condominium, you have the potential to make millions but you could also risk losing everything from the investment. Make sure to work with an experienced condominium conversion attorney from the onset.

Established Credibility Built on Attorney Referrals

For more than 20 years, attorney Leo T. White has handled hundreds of commercial transactions throughout Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. He has a strong reputation in the legal community built on attorney referrals. You can feel confident knowing he will protect your financial interests at every turn possible.

No type of real estate matter is too complicated for attorney Leo White to handle. Over the past two decades, he has handled several multimillion-dollar condo conversions and thousands of other types of real estate transactions. Contact our condominium conversion lawyer today for a seasoned approach. He is licensed to handle real estate transactions in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.

Experienced Condominium Law Attorney in Your Corner

Converting an apartment building, duplex or another type of residential property into a condominium is a highly evolved process. Attorney Leo White not only has decades of legal experience, but also owns a title company and is a licensed broker in Pennsylvania. He has an intricate understanding of the details that must be followed when converting property into condos. Whether you are a developer or investor, he offers a hands-on approach to ensure every step is properly handled.

Initially, he can help you submit your condominium conversion plans with the local housing authority. He will keep you fully informed so you are never left guessing the status of your investment. Once approved, he can help you notify current tenants who will be given the first chance to purchase their unit as a condo. He will also be available to negotiate sales to new buyers and current tenants.

Mr. White offers a comprehensive approach that includes working with developers to transfer control of the property to property owners or homeowners associations. With his experience on your side, he can help ensure every detail is covered including drafting homeowners association bylaws. With so much at stake, you should not have to worry about any details being overlooked.

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Attorney Leo White not only has extensive experience handling multimillion-dollar transactions but also is a veteran litigator. If a conflict erupts with the homeowners association, a buyer or developer, his comprehensive experience could make all the difference in your case. Contact his law firm today for a complimentary consultation. He is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.